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Dr. Rick Watson
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 43 reviews
by Phillip on Dr. Rick Watson
Neck and Shoulder Relief

I was recommended by a friend to see Dr. Watson, last fall, after suffering from neck and shoulder pain, caused by a pinched nerve and what I feared might be a bulging disc. I'd only seen one chiropractor before, and I didn't have a great experience. But I'd been told that Dr. Watson was not the kind of chiropractor that would start cracking my back in extreme ways, and that his treatment was methodical and effective. And now I'm pain-free and back to resuming all my normal activities and a full exercise routine, after a number of sessions with Dr. Watson. His approach is not typical of most chiropractors I've known about, and his adjustments are precise and minimally impactful to the body, overall. I never had any adverse side-effects or worsening conditions during treatment, and I always sensed that Dr. Watson was very focused on ensuring that. He began our treatments with x-rays; developed a game plan to realign my spine in the neck area, to relieve the pressure on the discs that were feeling pinched; and we stuck to that plan, until I felt no more pain or restricted movement. I'd gladly recommend Dr. Watson to anyone I know, who needs a chiropractor, and especially to people who've become skeptical that chiropractic practice can work.

by Eileen R. on Dr. Rick Watson
Dr Watson’s practice

I went to see Dr. Watson for lower back pain. I had never been to a chiropractor before, and to be honest, I was skeptical. I am now a believer! Both Dr. Watson and his office assistant, Heidi, are so professional, helpful, and accommodating. Everything is well-explained, so one is well-aware of the treatment plan and fees. There are no surprises. My back pain has been relieved, and I am a happy camper. I can lift and play with my grandsons, with no pain. I strongly recommend Dr. Watson. It has been a very positive experience.

by Melissa on Dr. Rick Watson

What a miracle-worker!!!! I was referred by a co-worker, to see Dr. Watson, after being in a car accident.
He has been absolutely wonderful. Very thorough, with a great bed-side manner. Unlike any other chiropractor I have ever been to.

by Cheryl S. on Dr. Rick Watson
MS, neck and shoulder pain

I found out about Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic on an online chat page for MS patients. I've also had severe neck and shoulder pain for many years, and have been told by two different Orthopedic Surgeons that I just have arthritis and should learn to live with it. I'm so glad I found Dr. Watson! He found that I have a subluxation and that part of my cervical spine is curved in the opposite direction, in addition to other problems. Right away, with the Atlas Orthogonal adjustment, my pain almost disappeared. I know that this is a process, and it will take some time to coax the spine into a healthy position, but in the short time I've been seeing Dr. Watson, the improvement has been amazing. I have hope that a straightened spinal column will pay dividends with a healthier flow of cerebral-spinal fluid, which can also benefit my course of MS. I'm grateful for this modality, but also for Dr. Watson, who engenders confidence in the treatment because of his many years of experience and his pleasant manner. Heidi, at the front desk, is also terrific!

by Gregg Z. on Dr. Rick Watson
Painless Life

I started going to Dr. Watson, after experiencing a great deal of pain in my hip and back. I made the assumption that they were connected, because the pain would come in both areas at the same time. After Dr. Watson x-rayed my mid-section, he concluded it was a nerve being pinched in my spinal column. He began a strict program of treatments, which ultimately solved the problem. It is difficult to express my gratitude in writing; so, suffice it to say, I am so grateful to be living a pain-free life. In addition, his professionalism is outstanding, and his great personality makes each visit a delight. I would highly recommend him.

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